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Albie Nieves, owner of master Track Productions, graduated from the Center College for the Media Arts, New York City, NY in 1986. Albie moved to Miami Beach, Florida in 1986 to start working for Hot 105 FM. He started a mix show on the weekends that went on to create Blade Runner Productions which became one of the leading remixing & editing music companies in the industry. Edited & mixed artists like Shannon, Debbie Deb, Sandee, Trinere, 2 Live Crew, Miami Boys, Breezy Beat MC, & many, many others. Be on the look out for newer artists with Master Track Productions in the near future.


Albie Nieves: Producer/ President of Master Track Productions

Master Track Productions is one of the most successful independent recording companies in Mahoning County, OH.

Master Track Productions can help your musical dreams come true!

Albie Nieves, President of Master Track Productions, has worked with some of America's top musicians such as Pat Benatar, Shannon, Breezy Beat MC, etc.

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